Basin-like depression in the center of a volcano


Codycross solutions is one of the most downloaded thinking games of the entire playstore and apple store.

Month after month and for more than a year its developers, Fanatee, have been releasing updates that added miles and miles of questions and answers that keep us up to date.

Find the answer to:

Basin-like depression in the center of a volcano Codycross answers


If you are looking for the answers to all the codycross levels in YTAnswers you will find all the solutions you are looking for.

Beat each level with us and discover how to get to the last groups in the game.

In each phase we will have to find the word or group of words that will lead us to overcome the level, surely finding the main word helps you to overcome the rest of the answers.

If you are looking for a game that exceeds what you have seen so far and manages to make you think about each of the levels, this is your game. Also remember that it is suitable for all ages, so you have no excuse not to start downloading

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