Braindom Level 139 Who is lying Answers

Braindom: Tricky Brain Puzzle- Mind Games Answers and Solutions

When we already thought that we had already seen everything related to a type of puzzle game, we continued downloading and testing each of the similar games that appear on the market.

With Braindom: TRICKY BRAIN PUZZLE, MIND GAMES, IQ TEST we have to discover how to solve the puzzle from a set of operations or a simple gesture with your phone.

Solve each of the levels with the help and solutions of the Braindom game that we offer you on the page.

Braindom Level 139 Who is lying Answers

click to his ring, Margot lying

This game is developed by the mobile game company Matchingham Games, where you can find numerous levels.

Find all the solutions of the game in the Braindom levels index where you can find the list of all the levels and thus manage to overcome all the problems you find.

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