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Types of word games

For those who have not yet discovered the world of word games or puzzle games I recommend that you look at the following list of games and discover all types of word games that we can enjoy on our mobile, tablet or computer.

Word games with clues

In this category we can find all the games in which our aim is to discover a series of words with a clue.

This clue can be of the photography type such as One Clue Crossword or 4 photos 1 word, or the type in which we are presented with a question or phrase such as CodyCross Crosswords.

Word games with letter groups

In this category we will find those games in which they give us a series of letters that at first we will see disordered and that we have to put together to find words that make sense.

The words that we put together can make use of all the letters that are offered to us, and this is where we can find the complication of finding all the words that require us to pass the level.

As an example of this type of games we can find games like Word City or connected words where we are offered the letters separately and we have to collect words counting a crossword as help.

We can also find games like Word Stacks where we find a series of disordered letters and we have to extract all the words that are hidden between the letters that are presented to us.

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